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Matthew McConaughey has talked about the chest beating scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, which has become one of the most...

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WolfAssassin: You can park a car in it but she is beautiful and so are other girls in this video

Black Rocket: As a Serbian girl I identify with the Greek/Turkish and Mexican video :D

Paulgotik: I can't vote, I'm biased :(

Joana Dias: Rare Pokemon , hahahahaha . dunno about a Japanese, but I'm an Indian teenager . pretty sure I do that too ;)

Leah Chapman: I knew that Turkish wil be the first

Courtnee: Oohhhhh. So she was Russian! Jeez, I wish I'd watched this video before.

Kemal Siki: I SWEAR ITS TOTALLY TRUE. i live in Russia and i know it, men even die for their girlfriends . like, fighting to death

FutabaKIKS: Ohh Priscila Gabriel! #Gacila Let the ship set sail!

Kevin L: Love these! Can you do Chilean please :)


Emily Jones: Would be great if you'd do one for Irish men! Please : : :)

Aani L.: I'm irish American and I must say.Greek girls seem like a match made in heaven. I was just in Greece and I was right!

Skye 11: I think Italian is the sexiest language for women

Dalfonzo100: When u are at a BBQ every fricking weekend with about 2 of her cousins

DRS Portugal: The most important thing to a Western girl is to make sure her feminist friends always approve of her and love her no matter what happens, because she just knows that somehow she will not make it in life without her jealous feminist girlfriends

SimplyHart.ca: What song was the japanese/chinese guy singing?

Raymon Swift: Turkish women are fucking ugly.

Cyphrix101: The Indian dad was hilarious.

Friida B: Luke is so cute

Cristian R: You needs brains to fit in with the body looks.Just like the film American Psycho.LMAO !


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Kurs srpskog jezika online dating

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Kurs srpskog jezika namenjen je stranim državljanima koji žele da studiraju u Meeting Your Match Online: The Complete Guide to Internet Dating and.